PATH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PATH is here to help you in your journey to Post Secondary Education and Training (PSET). The program information you find in this application is provided by Council of Educators of Toronto (CET) member institutions and is monitored ensure the most up-to-date information. 



The Council of Educators of Toronto (CET) is a network comprised of representatives from the City’s English and French-language colleges, universities, school boards and the United Way Greater Toronto, and the City of Toronto. The goal of the CET is to make postsecondary education (apprenticeship, college, or university) possible for those facing barriers to participation. The CET provides information on a broad range of access and other programs available through its members. In addition, the CET supports a community of practice among its members through the sharing of best practices, partnerships, and networking opportunities. More information about the CET is available at:

If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship program or college or university but do not have the formal admission requirements, do not think you can qualify or be successful, the PATH platform can help you find a program that fits your situation and needs.  It is an online tool containing information on a broad range of programs and supports for those facing barriers to pursuing apprenticeship, college or university.  PATH will simplify your online search, give you an idea of what options are available, and provide contact information for the programs that interest you.  

You only need to share your name, email and postal code if you want to save the results of your search. Otherwise there is no need to enter this information. You can unsubscribe at any time and request that your file be deleted. If you have any questions at any time please contact the Council of Educators of Toronto at:

Your information is hosted on a secure website to ensure your privacy is respected.  Only CET staff have access to the information. The collective information from the files helps understand the needs of others who, like you, need some form of support to access an apprenticeship, college, or university. For example, the information will tell us how many people are interested in  hat kinds of supports or programs, what is the demographic profile of those interested, etc.? The key point is that you will remain anonymous and not be identified or named in any way. 

You will be able to use the search functions of PATH, but each time you re-enter PATH there will be no record or memory of past searches.